Club La Santa Sept 2016

I have been to Club la Santa many times throughout the last 4 years and find it a perfect base for training. I have always spent most of my day out on the bike followed by a gym session with some relaxing by the pool or taking in a class such as Pilates or Release & Unwind. Whilst that may still sound like a lot, with over 40 sports and activities available that is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s on offer at Club la Santa.

However this time around, while enjoying some training freedom post Olympics, my husband and I were keen to have a go at EVERYTHING! We didn’t quite get round all 40 activities, but we definitely gave it a good go! Here is a summary of the different sports and activities we tried and how it went:

Riding a tandem – pleased to say we didn’t end up getting a divorce after this excursion, although I found I was a lot happier and easier in control on the front!

Mountain biking – beautiful scenery, scary descents, brilliant for bike handling practise. I should do this more often!

Dance class – Dan ducked out of this one, I LOVED it! A funky routine to a Christina Aguilera track, what’s not to love?!

Tennis – I spent the majority of our time playing tennis thinking I was AWESOME at serving (“wow my arms are powerful!) before realising I was serving with the tailwind. Meanwhile Dan was struggling to get the ball over the net (It was a windy day).

7km morning run – this was just for Dan – I took an extra half an hour in bed then went to cheer him on his final lap in the stadium. Despite terrible pace judgement he did quite well and got a certificate for 3rd place.

Kayak instruction – I can confirm my arms are definitely not where my strength lies... but still good fun and useful to find out the proper paddling technique from the instructor.

Padel – kind of like a mix between tennis and squash. To be honest I don’t know the rules, but it was far better than tennis as the small enclosed court was surrounded by clear plastic walls. Brilliant if, like me, you tend to miss the ball and spend most of your time running off to fetch it.

Hula hoop class – so much fun! Managed to master kneeling whilst hula hooping, then standing up, then kneeling again. Useful everyday skills of course! With so many more tricks to learn I will be working on this when I get home.

Ballroom dancing – Our very first go of any form of ballroom dancing. I got the hang of the Cha Cha but kept messing up the Waltz. Dan was the opposite. Together we were a mess, but had lots of laughs!

Mini triathlon – A team effort so I did the swim and the bike then Dan did the run. I was really pleased with my swim, my transition not so good, then the bike leg was poor by my usual fitness standards, but I managed to catch a few people who had beaten me in the swim. Dan finished it off with the 4.4km run and we finished 2nd team overall.

Kayak race – I was chief photographer for this one! The race began with 10 press ups before a dash to the kayaks for a loop of the lagoon. Dan was in a close battle for 2nd place when the other guy capsized!

Stand up paddling (SUP) – Something like a surf board (probably nothing like a surf board, but to me it looked like one), plus a long paddle, and you stand up and paddle away. Sounds easy enough? Trust me it wasn’t! It was funny how I was scared of falling whilst standing up – totally irrational as it is just in to water.

Crazy golf – A close match between me and Dan and a few hole in ones lead us to believe we were pretty good, so we entered the tournament. Found out we are just average…

Windsurf Instruction – My absolute favourite activity of the week! Amusing to see Dan spending more time in the water than on the actual board, to be fair I wouldn’t say it’s easy. Pleased I only had one “swim of shame” though.

MJ Funk dance – A Michael Jackson themed dance class – lots of fun and laughs for both participants and spectators!

SUP fitness – A core session on the stand up paddle boards whilst floating in the lagoon. A challenging session in itself with the added factor of balancing on a board on water. Another of my favourites this week.

Hatha Yoga – My first every experience of yoga, this was a lovely beginners class leaving me feeling very relaxed.

Ultimate Abs – Feel the burn!

Deep water aqua – In the 2m deep 50m pool, with a flotation belt, bobbing around attempting to complete the exercises. Another one that was a lot of fun and you forget you are doing a workout.

Table tennis tournament – Apparently not my forte! Dan was a far better representative and won most of his games.

Aquathlon – After the mini tri I had a taste for swimming and wanted to test my running, so this was a 200m swim and 3km run. I enjoyed the swim and there was some great support around the run course from other guests and instructors.

Road ride – Of course I also got out on my road bike. One of my favourite loops is around El Golfo so Dan borrowed a road bike from the bike centre, which it turns out is significantly better than his bike at home, which resulted in him riding far faster than usual, so much for an easy ride!

Overall we had a brilliant week, made lots of new friends and really enjoyed trying so many new things, yet there is still more to try next time. Check out my video below of some of our highlights.

We will be back!


Photos all by Bob Foy

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