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Using a Wattbike is an essential part of Joanna’s training, whether she’s preparing for an international track event or her local time trial, her Wattbike will help gain the fitness she needs to be the best she can be.



Joanna drives a Honda CR-V supplied by Honda UK. The CR-V is perfect as it has loads of space for cycling equipment, is safe, reliable and comfortable to drive.




CNP have developed a series of nutritional products that will make a difference to athletes at all levels. CNP have built their reputation over the past ten years by supplying high-quality products to top sports people in the UK and abroad.


Action Medical Research

Children’s charity Action Medical Research has established a very strong reputation for its programme of challenge cycling events. Money raised by the charity helps fund vital medical research into conditions affecting babies and children.

Fusion Media

Fusion Media offer a range of media services within the up-and-coming sport of cycling. Whatever you need to help you achieve resonance with that group, Fusion Media has got cycling covered.

Exposure Lights

Award winning Exposure Lights lead the way in cycle lighting development. Producing the highest quality lights manufactured in the UK, Exposure Lights are the only option due to their cable free, high powered compact designs.


The Little Princess Trust

Founded in 2006 in memory of 5 year old Hannah Tarplee, provides real-hair wigs, free of charge to boys and girls throughout the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair.


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